Meditation is becoming an integral part of a successful modern life.
Recently a lot of scientific research has demonstrated amazing results revealing just how meditation affects the human brain!

Meditators have:

Better physical, emotional and mental health. This leads automatically to new ways of inventive and creative brain functioning! Did I forget to mention better sleep?

But first of all:
Meditation practiced even for a short time every day will make you happier and more relaxed.

Music4meditation wants to make a small contribution to make this future happen:
Highly creative and efficient individuals - even meditative atheists...
beings who are strong enough to design their own destiny in harmonious and emphatic respect toward other beings.

Who knows.... maybe you will re-find your lost melody ... right here on this site.

Kind regards!


Gunnar Muhlmann
Senior Master in Music and Litterature
30 years of experience with Meditation

You can visit my meditation website here: www.meditation.dk
+45 20474645